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Trophy Hunts in Texas

All Trophy hunts include 3 days and 2 nights meals with lodging.

All animals are at the guides discretion.
Hunter acknowledges that on the hoof estimates are just that, estimates.
All deposits are non-refundable and forfeit upon cancellation of a hunt. Rescheduled hunts will have their deposit rolled over to new date.
Hunter is responsible for purchasing and carrying all applicable licenses and certificates.
Wounded animals will be charged at full price regardless of recovery.
Liability waivers will be signed prior to any hunting or shooting activities.
3.5% Transaction fee will be applied to all credit card transactions.


Hog's - $750

Ram's -$1,500+

Blackbuck - $3,500+

Aoudad - $3,500+

Axis - $4,500 

Fallow - $3,500+

Red Stag - $4,500 to $25,000+

Elk - $6,500+

Oryx - $3,500+

Bison Bull - $6,000+

Addax - $7,500

Pere David's $8500+


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